The Original Hands Free Massage Training UK

Work wisely, extend your career and give a better massage.

Our experienced tutors guide you to use your forearms, elbows and body in ways that are skilful & sensitive, dynamic & adaptive, effortless & effective.

1 Day Introduction

This Hands Free Massage Day focuses on ‘soft forearm’ techniques (using the bellies of the flexor muscles) on the client’s back only. The strokes covered can easily be incorporated into your massage sessions and include firm sweeping strokes, touching on more detailed work on tension areas. 

2 Day Basic Training

This Hands Free Massage Training is an extended version of the 1 Day Intro, working on the whole of the back of the body.
It also introduces using the ‘hard’ forearm (ulna) for more specific and effective pressure techniques, delivered in a skilful and sensitive manner.

8 Days Advanced Training

The essential training to protect your career and ensure its longevity.

We help you to learn how to replace the use of your hands for most of your massage techniques.

This 8 Day Training (spread over several months) is designed to save your fingers, thumbs and wrists while applying firm pressure, with support from your body… but that’s not all!

To help you expand your repertoire and freshen your approach, you’ll learn around 60 new ‘moves’ for massage on table, chair and side-lying. You will become more effective when applying pressure in a skilful and sensitive way, thereby helping you to maintain your career and offer superior massageDynamic bodyuse is incorporated to support you.

Your experienced tutors

Darien Pritchard -Hands Free Massage Tutor


Darien Pritchard formulated Hands Free Massage in the UK and has been a bodyworker since 1977, 25 years of which was training massage professionals. Since 1988 he has taught Professional Development courses to qualified massage practitioners.
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Leora Sharp - Hands Free Massage Tutor Bath and Bristol


Leora Sharp has been a massage practitioner since 2008, having trained at Bristol School of Massage and Bodywork. She has worked alongside Darien since 2009, offers blissful massage to her clients and is web designer for well being businesses.
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