Advanced Hands Free Massage Training Course in Bristol, Essex, Sheffield – 8 days

“The 8 day training really does change your practice. The course itself is well paced with plenty of time between classes to practice and develop the skills. There are plenty of follow up videos and a well illustrated manual. Stop thinking about it and take that leap of faith. You will not regret it.”
– Carmen Zahra

“Best thing you’ll ever do! My practice is transformed and clients are delighted. Love it!”
– Jessie Docherty

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Darien Pritchard Hands Free MassageThis 8 days training is designed to save your fingers, thumbs and wrists (the commonest areas of strain for massage practitioners) while applying firm pressure.

This training is so much more than just learning to deliver pressure with your elbow!!!

The aim is to expand your repertoire and freshen your approach, to help you be more effective when applying pressure, and thereby to help you to maintain your career.

The course assumes and builds upon a developed feeling for pacing and fluidity in massage, and monitoring and adapting to the client’s build, comfort and responses.

Give your hands a holiday and save your career

Who is this course for

  • CPD Workshop for Qualified Massage Practitioners, Aromatherapists etc
  • Mostly people who attend this training are experiencing pain in their backs, wrists and hands
  • Others are wanting to learn new skills and learn how to work on more deeply without causing their body any harm
  • You must have a minimum nationally recognised Level 3 body massage qualification such as Swedish Massage, Sports, Aromatherapy – also open to osteopaths, chiropractors etc. This is a Level 3 Advanced massage course.

Course duration

4 sessions of 2 days each, over several months = 60 hours contact time = 40 CPD points

“Thank you again for the most wonderful course, it’s the best training I’ve done in years! Yesterday I gave two 90 minute sessions back-to-back, and I hardly had any back ache and actually felt energised rather than exhausted. It’s a miracle! “
– Sarah

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Darien Pritchard Hands Free MassageAdvanced Hands Free Massage Training covers

  • The soft forearm (the fleshy inner forearm) for applying widespread general pressure – this is firmer and uses less effort than using your palm
  • The hard forearm (the ulna) and the bony areas around the elbow for applying focused pressure in an appropriate, skillful way in order to save your fingers, thumb and knuckles
  • The whole forearm for mobilising parts of the body, for applying stretches and working with the client on their side
  • All of these tools for oil, non-oil massage and seated massage (on an ordinary chair, which can be adapted for massage chair)
  • A range of forearm and elbow techniques that can substitute for and extend ‘classic’ massage techniques for varied pressures
  • How and where to best use them
  • How to moderate the pressure applied
  • How to adapt them to different client builds, tensions and responses
  • How to blend them smoothly into massage sessions
  • How to support this with good bodyuse, rather than working too hard with your arms and shoulders

Dates and booking

Please see the calendar for dates and booking information.

Darien Pritchard Hands Free MassageI now feel totally competent as a massage therapist, love hands free and I no longer have the worry that I’m going to have to give up, as I no longer have wrist, thumb and finger pain which was a real worry for me.

Leora was fabulous! She is so enthused by what she is teaching. She was wonderfully attentive to our use of Hands Free and I felt confident from day 1 that it would be a great course. For me now there is no other way to massage, it has changed my life completely, I feel confident I can deliver a good massage and know I do from client feedback. I also love that I get a lot closer to clients in a way.

And thank you to Darien Pritchard, my original teacher, BCMB for all my CPD courses last year and Leora Sharp for the life transforming Hands Free training I’ve just completed.”
– Helen Watkins

Darien Pritchard Hands Free Massage

Course Content

This course focuses on forearm and elbow techniques which can be blended into a ‘normal’ oil massage with the client on the usual height massage table, and with the client seated in an ordinary chair (which can be adapted for a portable massage chair). In each weekend, there will training on:

  • using the forearm/elbow skilfully and sensitively to be most effective with least strain
  • dynamic bodyuse to support the work of your forearm/elbow
  • learning to feel with these massage ‘tools’
  • monitoring and adapting to the client’s responses
  • blending Hands Free techniques smoothly into massage treatments

Part 1 – Soft Forearm

Day 1
Introduction to H-F Massage
Body dynamics/bodyuse
Soft Forearm on the back

Day 2
Soft Forearm on the limbs

Part 2 – Hard Forearm (long ulna) and Mid-length UlnaDarien Pritchard Hands Free Massage

Day 3
Revision of day 1 and 2
Hard Forearm: Stationary and Sliding Pressure

Day 4
Hard Forearm: Cross-fibre stretches
Mid-length Ulna – work on Specific Muscles & Areas of Tension

Part 3 – Precision Hands Free tools

Day 5
Revisions of learning to date, including body dynamics
Seated (non oil) introduction to precision tools part 1 – Short Ulna

Day 6
Seated (non oil) introduction to precision tools part 2 – Short Ulna, Point and Back of elbow
Hands Free self massage
Fine tuning the precision tools for very specific work on ‘knots’/points of tension –  seated (non-oil) and table work (with oil)

Part 4 – Stretches & Mobilisations, Side lyingDarien Pritchard Hands Free Massage

Day 7
Revision of seated (non-oil)
Revisions of day 5 and 6 table work (with oil)
Stretches and mobilisations (seated no oil and table with oil)

Day 8
Review of stretches and mobilisations (seated no oil and table with oil)
Client side-lying with and without oil (including stretches and mobilisations)
Brief demo only – ‘Minor’ Hands Free tools and working on the table with no oil
Course review

Dates and booking

Please see the calendar for dates and booking information.

Course fees


If you have previously done a 1 or 2 day workshop of Hands Free as taught by Darien Pritchard, you may not need to attend the beginning of the course. This will be discussed with your tutor, on a case by case basis. You will need to provide your CPD certificate for the 1 or 2 day training.

Course Fees include

  • All tuition fees (excluding catch up sessions if you have to miss a class)
  • Practical Manuals
  • Session related handouts
  • On-going student support and supervision throughout the course
  • Access to online videos for the duration of the course

Other information

  • Checking in: Days 3, 5 & 7 will begin with a check-in from students on their practice since the last teaching session. The morning session on these days includes time to review and consolidate the material from the previous two-day block, and to introduce some new techniques on the themes previously covered.
  • No ‘gung-ho’ manner: These are strong, powerful tools, which can deliver bruising pressure to clients if they are used without care. Therefore, using them skillfully and learning how to adapt each technique to a range of builds, tolerances and reactions is a core part of the training. The tutors reserve the right to dismiss students from the course who consistently use these tools in an unnecessarily ‘gung-ho’ manner.
  • This course does NOT cover: using the knees, legs and feet, because these work best when the  client is lying on a low table or a futon on the floor (as is done in many Eastern massage traditions).
  • Class size: This will vary depending on the location you choose. Participants receive satisfactory individual instruction, and also have a range of fellow students to practice on under supervision.  Average class size is 6-8 students.
  • Class times: In general, each training day is from 10am- 5.30pm (which might vary depending on location) with morning and afternoon tea breaks and 1 hour for lunch.
  • Catch up sessions: If an extenuating circumstance occurs and you have to miss class, you can arrange catcup sessions with your tutor, the duration of cost might vary depending on the tutor or how much you need to catch up.

Dates and booking

Please see the calendar for dates and booking information.

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