Basic Hands Free Massage Training – 2 days

Next 2024 Date: Nov Sat 24 & Sun 25 in Newport
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Are you having problems with your hands – or want to avoid reaching that stage?

Use your forearms to deliver your massage, give your hands a holiday and save your career.

This course is designed to introduce you to a few basic Hands Free Massage techniques, which helps massage practitioners to save their fingers, thumbs and wrists (the most common areas of strain for practitioners). So don’t wait for strain to develop – act now!

If strain has already developed, come and get some new tools in your toolkit to save your body and your career.

Darien Pritchard Hands Free Massage

This 2 Day Training focuses on ‘soft forearm’ techniques (using the bellies of the flexor muscles) that can easily be incorporated into your massage.

You’ll learn forearm massage techniques/concepts for

– firm sweeping strokes on the back, arms and legs (great for effleurage)
– shorter strokes on the back for more specific areas of tension
– techniques for the shoulders

– Body dynamics and posture to support your work

You’ll will learn

How to use your ‘soft forearm’ (bellies of the flexor muscles)

  • For flowing forearm massage to replace using your hands for effleurage and muscle lengthening
  • How to apply a focused pressure in a skilful and sensitive way and monitor and adapt it appropriately
  • How to blend these techniques smoothly into your massage
  • How to support this with good bodyuse rather than working too hard with your arms and shoulders

Specific areas of focus (prone)

  • Firm sweeping moves on the back
  • Firm sweeping moves on arms; flexors and triceps
  • Firm sweeping moves on legs muscles; posterior, medial, lateral on calves & hamstrings
  • Shorter strokes (sliding focused pressure) for more specific areas of tension on rhomboids, levator scapular and upper trapezius (touches on work from the Advanced Training)

The 2 Day Hands Free Massage Training also includes;

  • Quick verbal check-in to asses current pain and stain
  • Introduction to the principles of Hands Free Massage, including body dynamics/bodyuse – Part 1
  • A short introduction to the other main Hands Free Massage tools – the ulna (the ‘hard forearm’) and elbow tools OR a demo of skills acquired through the 8 Day Advanced Training.
  • Access to about 18 videos for 1 month after the training, to help you embed your learning

2024 Nov  Sat 24 & Sun 25

Thoughts about the training

“A fantastic course! More than just Hands Free Massage, the course covers body movement, positioning, self-care and creative experimentation. I learned loads – I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to enhance their massage – and of course to save their hands!”
– Gaye W 2019

Well taught. Everything was connected to us as moving bodies/practitioners. Explanations combined with learning-through-doing in a good structure. Dense but not intense. Always felt we were being considered, and had options. Our different bodies and styles were taken into account.
– Deb Jones 2023

“Thank you for a great course. I learnt so much and I’m eager to start using my new techniques. They will be a lifesaver. No aches or pains today!”

(And then a few months later…) “The techniques I learnt on this course have been a lifesaver for my hands and wrists.  They have been less painful since implementing better body positioning and posture when massaging. Leora is a wonderful tutor full of enthusiasm and experience. I’m so glad I did this course!” – Samantha L 2023

Forearms are powerful tools!
With experienced tutors you will learn to use them skilfully & sensitively

Darien Pritchard Hands Free Massage

If you’re serious about extending your career, or you just want to expand your repertoire, this short workshop is a good place to start as an introduction to using your forearm for massage, in a skilful and sensitive way.

If you’re looking for more than a Basic Training, check out the 8 Day Advanced Training, where you will learn over 60 techniques to incorporate the forearm and elbows for deeper and more focused pressure.

The forearms are such powerful massage ‘tools’, so it’s of utmost importance to be guided by experienced tutors (Darien & Leora). With this guidance, you will learn how to use your forearm with sensitivity, to avoid hurting your clients. It’s amazing how deep you can work without hurting yourself or your clients. This 2 Day Training therefore focuses on how to use the forearm skilfully and sensitively for Hands Free Massage with well thought out and appropriate bodyuse to support your work.

2024 Nov  Sat 24 & Sun 25

Who can attend, CPD points

To attend you must have a minimum nationally recognised Level 3 Body Massage qualification such as Swedish Massage, Sports, Aromatherapy and have practitioner insurance in place. Also open to Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapist etc.

This is a Level 3 Advanced Massage course
15 CPD points

Dates, location, fees


2024 Nov Sat 24 & Sun 25


Holiday Inn Express, Lakeside Drive, Newport, NP10 8BB


Fees and booking terms vary depending on location.
Please check each booking page for the terms.

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Booking & dates for trainings

8 Days Advanced Training
Stroud 2025

2025 dates TBC
Signup to the mailing list to get date announcements
10am – 5.30pm

@St Luke’s Therapy Centre, Stroud

Tutors: Leora and Darien

8 Day Advanced Training info >

2 Day Basic Training
Newport 2024

Sat/Sun Nov 24/25
10am to 5pm


Run by Teach Therapy
@Holiday Inn Express, Newport, NP10 8BB

Tutors: Darien

2 Day Basic Training info >

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