Hands Free Massage Introduction – 1 Day

Hands Free Massage can help save not only your hands but your whole body too and in turn, extend your career. This workshop will help you to understand how HFM can help you to work deeper and without pain (for you and your clients) and discover what it can offer you in terms of expanding your repertoire.

This 1 Day Workshop introduces you to the background and basic concepts of Hands Free Massage, and gives you the practical skills for using your soft forearm on the client’s back for broad sliding pressure strokes.

The strokes covered can easily be incorporated into your massage sessions. They include firm sweeping strokes and more detailed work on tension areas.

This day is, give or take, the same as the first day of the Hands Free 2 Day Training.

Introduction to Hands Free Massage with Leora Sharp

There is an emphasis on:

  • Learning to use your forearms skilfully and sensitively
  • Flowing forearm massage to replace using your hands for effleurage
  • How to moderate the pressure applied
  • How to support this with good body-use rather than working too hard with your arms and shoulders
  • How to blend these techniques smoothly into massage sessions.

The aim is to expand your repertoire and freshen your approach, to help you to understand how you can be more effective when applying pressure while saving your hands, thereby helping you to maintain your career.

Prerequisite: To attend you must have a minimum nationally recognised Level 3 Body Massage qualification such as Swedish Massage, Sports, Aromatherapy – also open to Osteopaths, Chiropractors etc

This is a Level 3 Advanced Massage course.

Dates and booking

There are no current dates for this training.

“Hi Leora, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Hands Free Massage workshop yesterday, with you and Darien! I was really impressed with the quality of teaching (I really appreciated all the fine tuning) and in all honesty, after one day, I’ve fallen in love with Hands Free Massage.

The techniques used and the wonderful care taken with regards to self care for the practitioner and focus on sensitivity giving the massage at the workshop yesterday blew me away. It’s the way I want to give massage and the type of practitioner I’d like to be. It’s made me feel incredibly excited about my future!

Thanks again for the amazing training, what a great day!”
– Lou Ashby

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