Massage practice and development days

Who can attend

Only those who have done the Advanced 8 Day Training can attend these practice days.

Massage Practice and Development days are a valuable opportunity for;

  • refreshing what you learned on the 8 day training
  • developing your HFM skills
  • assess your bodyuse/aches/pains if you’re having any
  • receive individual attention from your tutors to fine tune anything that is needed
  • share experiences
  • receive support
  • make new contacts
  • receive fabulous massage from your peers
  • have some fun massage learning, as always!

Perhaps …

  • some of the techniques you learned need refreshing
  • or you’ve forgotten many of them
  • you need fine tuning specific to your body 
  • or revision of the Hands Free principles and bodyuse (of which there are over 50!!) 
  • you desperately need to receive some Hands Free Massage!!!
  • or you want to play and discover new techniques, with course buddies and tutor assistance

What’s the difference between a Practice Day and a Development Day?

On each day we reflect on what could be causing and aches and pains. We also recap some of the principles of HFM and body dynamics that underpin the work. You always receive individual tutoring.

Massage Practice Day: In the opening circle, everyone has the opportunity to list a few things they would like to address. We therefore tailor the content of the day to the needs of the group and what you would like to work on. This is a very varied day as you will recap many aspects of your training.

Development Day: 2 areas of focus are chosen by the attendees, in which they would like to develop more skills. We concentrate on one area in the morning and the other in the afternoon e.g. side lying AND legs. For the benefit of group learning, attendees have an opportunity to show ‘moves’ they might have create themselves.

Duration and CPS points

7 CPD points

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