ONLINE 3.5 hour Hands Free Massage Taster sessions

Your chance to find out more about Hands Free Massage, during 3.5hr taster sessions!

Curious about Hands Free Massage and how it can help save not only your hands but your whole body too, and extend your career? 

Or do you want to understand how HFM helps you to work deeper and without pain (for you and your clients) and see what it can offer to expand your repertoire?

By the end of the taster session, you will…

  • Understand your body better in relation to what hurts and why
  • Enjoy using around 7 new moves on the back of the body, including stretches and 2 moves for seated massage
  • Have an understanding of what Hands Free Massage is and how you can incorporate it into your practice
  • Have a better understanding of body dynamics in relation to massage
  • Have an understanding of the benefits of adding HFM skills to your practice

Wonderful words from happy attendees

“This taster was a great experience. Mentally I knew I should look after my hands a bit more, but this made me realise even more, and I experienced how different it can be. I didn’t feel sore or tired after the session, but inspired and relaxed. And eager to try it on my clients!  I love the passion that you have in sharing what you know. Even though this was a very short taster, it was obvious that you know a huge amount. I can’t wait to start the full course.”
Maya van der Galiën (Vital Motion)

Absolutely loved this training. I’ve been wanting to learn hand free for a couple of years now and the taster training helped assure me that it was worth investing in the full 8 day training. I gained so much from just the taster session, which makes me feel so excited to learn more in the I day training. I can’t wait to save my body from pain and extend my career as well as provide an incredible service for my clients.
– Melissa (Coffee Tipsy Beauty)

This workshop is for you if you…

  • are experiencing pain in your back, wrists and hands…or anywhere in your body as a result of your work
  • are looking to get a taster and understand what HFM is all about
  • want to learn a few new skills
  • want to understand the importance of body dynamics in massage
  • live in the UK
  • have a minimum nationally recognised Level 3 Body Massage qualification (Swedish Massage, Sports, Aromatherapy – also open to osteopaths, chiropractors etc)

Course outline

  • Brief introduction to what HFM is and how it came into being
  • Check in around what hurts in your body and why
  • Warmup (and understanding the importance of this)
  • Understanding body dynamics
  • The principles of HFM while experiencing seated massage
  • About 4 movements on the back + 2 movements on the legs
  • An arm and leg stretch
  • Revision of our learning
  • A demo of deeper pressure, mobilisations, stretches and side lying, so you can see just how important Hands Free Massage is for our practice

You need a massage buddy with you for this session

It’s preferable that your massage/booking buddy is another massage practitioner. You will get the most out of the session this way!

It’s extremely important to feel these techniques being applied because with very little body weight/leaning and change of direction, you can totally alter the application of the technique, or even hurt someone.

This is why there is an 8 Day Training, as it takes time to be fully able to feel with your forearms and learn to work skilfully and adaptively.

By receiving massage from another practitioner, you will have a chance to experience how these wonderful techniques feel and understand how these tools can “transform” your practice.

If you cannot get hold of a practitioner to buddy up with you, please try find someone who will offer you detailed feedback as you work. When you ask them, ‘how does this feel’ you want them to be able to say a little more than ‘fine’ or ‘great’. We will also be doing a warm up and body dynamics exercises/explorations. So if you do not have a practitioner buddy, your family/friend buddy will need to be willing to do those exercises with you. Your buddy also needs to be patient and be happy being face down for 1hr40min, with a 5 minute break halfway through. They need to be available for 2h20mins in total.

Dates & group size

  • No current dates

The groups are small so you can receive personal tuition while you’re working.

  • £35 per person
  • You’ll need to provide your Level 3 and above training certificate on booking
  • You will receive a booking confirmation email, then another email with details about the zoom call, as well as payment receipt in a separate email
  • If you then book on the 8 Day Training, you’ll receive £15 off the next training that follows the taster

Terms of booking

  • Bookings allowed for United Kingdom residents only
  • We are unable to offer refunds for these sessions
  • If you cannot attend the session for any reason, you can transfer to another session, if there is a place available
  • There is no Covid protocol stipulated, as you will be massaging in your own environment, you can adhere to what you have in place
  • Please read our privacy policy to understand everything in relation to you personal information

“Really enjoyed the session and has given me some new techniques to use. Also a useful reminder of my body positioning in total, not just my hands.” – Katherine Preece

“I thought the taster session was excellent, very thorough and well organised. I really enjoyed it.” – Lisa Hazelwood

“Fantastic mini session which helped so much- my massaging posture and technique has improved loads, got so much from this!” – Devon Collier

Really good session, very useful. Good way to do an intro – easy to attend without travelling.” – Pip

Curious about the 8 Day Training?

The 8 Day Training is “transformational”! Read more about it here or see what participants said about it.

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